Mt Lawley Inglewood Roos JFC

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Training Details

The club has access to Inglewood Oval from April to September each year.

Team training dates, days and times is dependant on coach and Inglewood oval availability.

Below are the training details for the 2017 season. Please confirm any details with your coach as they are subject to change.

 Day & Time
 Year 3 Black
 Year 3 Blue
 Year 3 White
 Year 4 Black
 Wed 5:30pm
 Inglewood Oval
 Year 4 Blue
 Wed 5:00pm
 Inglewood Oval
 Year 4 White
 Wed 5:30pm
 Inglewood Oval
 Year 5 Blue
 Year 5 White
 Year 6 Blue
 Year 6 White
 Year 7 Blue
 Year 7 White
 Year 8 Blue
 Year 8 White
 Year 9 Blue
 Year 9 White
 Year 10
 Year 11/12