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Roos Players Milestone Game Banners


Just like in the AFL & WAFL, every player and their team mates enjoy celebrating their milestones by running through a banner that highlights the achievement - milestone games also may provide extra incentive for a team victory.

For just a small amount of effort, making a banner will give your child lasting memories of their special day. Banners come in all shapes and sizes, and above are some examples of previous Roos milestone banners. If you would like to make a banner, see below for some instructions.


For a 4 line Blue and White banner you will need;

  • 2 x Royal Blue crepe paper (approx. 50cm x 2m)

  • 2 x White crepe paper (approx. 50cm x 2m)

  • White & blue letters (printed from a computer) using A4 paper

    • As an alternative to printing and cutting out letters you could also use blue and white craft paint to paint the letters on the banner

  • ​Role of thick (48mm), clear packing or masking tape

    • Masking tape is easier for the players to break through the banner

  • ​2 x ~2.4m length poles 15-20mm thick

    • The club has 2 x 2.4m, 18mm thick poles

  • ​Scissors

  • A helper! (the more the merrier - If mutiple players are celebratining their milestone game, why not have a banner making party😃)


On a computer using a font such as Impact which give nice bold letters that are easy to cut out.

To get two letters per standard A4 landscape page (5mm margins) set the font size to 660 pts and line spacing to be ~ 680 pts.

If you want bigger letters change to A4 portrait and set the font to be size ~860 pts and line spacing to ~ 930 pts

Microsoft Word template can be downloaded from here Roos Banner Templates*

*These templates only work when downloaded and opened in Microsoft Word rather than editing using Word Online.

When printing white letters using white paper and blue letters using blue paper, set the font to be an outline style.

When printing blue letters using white paper, set the font to be solid style (Note this can use a lot of printer ink)

You can purchase Royal Blue A4 paper (Quill A4 Royal Blue) from Officeworks - 25 pk ~$3.50


  • Roll each packet of crepe paper out to a length of 2 metres

  • Lay crepe paper lengths side by side, overlapping as required to fit the number of rows onto the poles

  • Use 4 whole lengths of crepe paper, as below, to make a background for your message.

  • If you have more than about 6 names you made need to add extra rows

  • Run tape down each side of the banner to keep all lengths together

  • Run tape across each seam where crepe paper overlaps

  • Carefully turnover and repeat process

  • Turn both short ends in 10 centimetres and tape down exposed edge to create pockets for poles

  • Cut out your letters and glue/tape them on the banner and space as you like

  • If you would like to add a Roos JFC logo you can download one from here - Banner Roos Logos

Your finished banner may look something like this.

Making a Roos

Milestone Banner

Below are some links to a couple of Perth companies that make banners. Useful if multiple players are on the same day.

Footy Banners W.A.

Crepe To Break Banners


Retail Banners

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