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Registrations for the 2023 Roos NAB AFL Auskick (school years Pre-Primary to Year 2) season are now open.

To register click on the Red Register button below.

In 2022 the AFL moved club (Junior and Youth) registrations from SportsTG/GameDay to PlayHQ. (Auskick moved in 2021)

If you have registered for club footy prior to 2022 and did not register for the 2022 season then you will need to follow the process below.

  • In order to register you will need a PlayHQ account. (You may already have a PlayHQ account of you have registered for Basketball or Netball)

  • If you have previously been registered to any junior football club (Auskick/Juniors/Youths) in Australia, you will be prompted to claim the players profile which has been imported from SportsTG/GameDay.

  • In order to claim the profile you will need access to the email address that was linked to the players registration record in SportTG/GameDay.

  • If you no longer have access to the email address that is linked to the players profile, during the registration process you will be prompted to contact AFL PlayHQ support to updater the email. Unfortunately the club registrar does not have access to assist with updating player profile email addresses.

Roos Auskick Registrations

To register for Roos Auskick click on the red AFL Auskick button above.

Roos Auskick is for girls and boys aged 5-8 years old - In WA the child must be turning 5 by the 1 July to participate.

Roos Auskick is on Sunday mornings from 8:30 am -10:15 am

Roos Auskick has mixed and girls only teams.

If your child has previously played Auskick (at any club), please register for Year 3 club footy by clicking the blue Juniors (Mods) button above.

Required Documents

Auskickers transitioning to Juniors (Mods) need to email a photo/scan of the players birth certificate or passport clearly showing their Name and Date of Birth to the Roos JFC Registrar

The photo/scan only needs to show the top part of the Birth Certificate that includes the Birth Certificate Number and child's names and date of birth.

Auskickers Transferring from Another Club

Auskickers transferring from another club do not need to request a transfer. You can just register as per the AFL Auskick or Auskickers Transitioning to Mods (Junior) Club Footy processes above.

To register for club Junior(mods) / Youth footy please register by clicking the blue Juniors (Mods)/Youths Register button above.

Juniors (Mods) is mixed Boys and Girls in Years 3,4,5 & 6 and is modified rules played on Saturdays.

Junior Girls is Girls Only teams in Years 3-4 & 5-6 and is modified rules played on a Friday evenings

Youth Boys is for Years 7-12 and is played on Sundays

Youth Girls is Girls Only teams in Years 7-8, 9-10 & 11-12 and is played on Friday eveningsRequired Documents

Year 3 and all new club members in years 4-12 need to email a photo/scan of the players birth certificate or passport clearly showing their Name and Date of Birth to the Roos JFC Registrar

The photo/scan only needs to show the top part of the Birth Certificate that includes the child's names and date of birth.

Players Transferring from Another Club (excluding Auskick) to the Roos JFC

Transfers normal open on the 1st February and close on the 30th June.

Players transferring from other clubs (except from Auskick) need to apply for a Player Transfer. 

The player initiates the transfer during the registration process. 

The transfer must be approved by the club you're leaving and also by the Roos.

There are 2 types of player transfers. Transfers & Season Permits.


Transfers (Clearance)

These are permanent transfers for when a player is moving clubs.

These are the most common player transfers.

Players initiates the transfer request during the registration process at the new club.

The originating club, the destination club and the association will need to approve the transfer.

Once the transfer has been approved by all organisations, the player will receive an email with a link back to the destination club where they need to complete the registration process.

Season Permits

These are temporary transfers for when a player wants to play for the Roos JFC for a single season or part of a season.

The player registers at their current club as normal.

The player requests a Season Permit by emailing the Roos registrar (see details required below)

The registrar submits a new Season Permit request on behalf of the player.

The Season Permit has to be approved by both clubs.

To apply for a Season Permit only please click on the green Season Permit button above to email the club registrar the following details and we will start the Season Permit request process for you.

  • Player First Name

  • Player Surname

  • Player Date of Birth

  • From and To Dates for the permit.

  • Club currently registered to.

  • Reason for Season Permit


Player transfers and season permits can take up to a couple of weeks to be completed. Please ensure you allow enough time for your transfer to go through and don't leave it to a couple of days before you would like to play.


If your child uses headgear we will need to obtain approval from Centrals Conference / Royals District each year.

This approval can take a couple of weeks to be processed.

Please contact the Roos Registrar with the details.

Note players will not be able to wear headgear until approval has been received.

If your child will be playing up or down a year (ie outside of the standard age for that school year) we need to obtain approval from the District each year. This approval can take a couple of weeks to be processed.

Please contact the Roos Registrar with the details.

Note players will not be able to play up or down a year until approval has been received.

Fees for the 2023 season are:

AFL Roos Auskick - Pre-Primary to Year 2 (5-8 years old) - $135*

AFL Roos Juniors (Mods) - School Years 3-6 (8-12 years old) - $230** - Includes Roos shorts and socks

AFL Youths - School Years 7-12 (12-18 years old) - $230** - Includes Roos training/warmup top

*Includes $15 AFL Auskick Pack Postage and Handling Fee

**Doesn't include the $16.50 WAFC Player Participation Levy Fee (12 months)

What do the fees go towards?

All fees cover the following:

  • Stirling Council Ground & Lighting Fees

  • East Perth and Central Districts Conference Fees

  • Game day umpire fees

  • Game day playing jumper

  • Training and game day balls

  • Oval markings and maintenance

  • End of season player windup and trophies

  • Player insurance

Methods of Payment

  • Visa/Mastercard Debit Credit Card

  • KidSport Voucher (details below)

The club has no EFTPOS facilities for registration payments via debit card in person.

Unfortunately due to changes made by the AFL the club can now only accept registration payments by Credit Card or KidSport vouchers.

We no longer have the ability to accept cash/cheque/bank transfer for registration payments. We apologise for an inconvenience caused.



Players will not be permitted to play matches until fees are paid in full.

If you have any questions about fees please contact the club treasurer

2023 Season Registrations

AFL PlayHQ (Auskick, Juniors and Youths) Email Registration Process

AFL Auskick & AFL Auskick Girls

Auskickers Transitioning to Junior (Mods) Club Footy

Junior (Mods) and Youth Club Footy

Player Transfers and Permits

Approval for Playing Down or Up a Year

Fees and Payment


Approval for Headgear

Registrations for the 2023 Juniors (school years 3-6) and Youths (school years 7-12) football season are now open.

Due to the limited numbers of available places in certain year groups, the club has introduced a priority registration period for players who played last season.

Registrations for new players (except Year 3 and girls) will take place after the priority period ends.


The priority period for last season's players, Year 3's and Girls has now closed.

All returning players, new players and players wishing to transfer to the Roos (except Auskick see below) please register by using this link.

In order to finalise teams ALL registrations will close on the Tue 28 Feb 2023
Registrations / transfers after this date will only be accepted where teams are short on numbers and with the approval of the Roos Executive committee.

Players registering for Auskick (Pre-Primary - Year 2) please register by using the link below.


In 2023 the Roos will be fielding boys and girls teams in the following:

Junior Mixed (Modified Rules): Years 3, 4, 5, 6

Junior Girls (Modified Rules): Years 3/4, 5/6

Youth Girls: Years 7/8, 9/10, 11/12

Youth Boys: Years 7, 8, 9, 10, 11/12

Season Details

The season runs from late April to mid September.
Juniors (school years 3-6) play Saturdays and Youths (school years 7-12) play Sundays.

Roos Club (Juniors/Youths) Registrations

The Roos JFC accepts KidSport funding for partial payment of registration fees.

KidSport enables eligible Western Australian children aged 5 to18 years to participate in community sport and recreation by offering them financial assistance of up to $150 per calendar year towards club fees.

For details on KidSport Funding and to see if you are eligible please click the following link.

Please obtain your KidSport approval code before registering. Once received the KidSport approval code needs to be entered into the registration form during online registration in order for the approved amount to be deducted from the registration fees.

As per KidSport guidelines, no retrospective fees will be paid by the local council, as a result the club will NOT reimburse any fees if a KidSport approval code is presented after fees are paid by any other method.

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