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Mt Lawley-Inglewood JFC

Mt Lawley

Mt Lawley Inglewod Junior Football Club logo


Updated: Feb 14, 2022


The Mt Lawley Inglewood Junior Football Club aims to provide an opportunity for local children to participate in Australian Rules football and enhance their health and wellbeing through organised sport, while making and maintaining friends from all backgrounds and having fun.

The club's Committee, coaches and helpers are all volunteers.

The Roos will, at all times, endeavour to provide the best possible support for our players and volunteers through our resources, management, activities and values.

The Roos' values and objectives are:

  • To provide every child with the best opportunity to play football in a safe, fair and inclusive environment

  • To promote above all else "playing for fun''

  • To nurture the physical and mental development of our young people

  • To uphold a reputation as a caring and professional club which has high standards and plays by the rules

  • To expect good sportsmanship and behaviours from all participants and attendees of matches and training

  • To ensure respect for officials, umpires, opposition players, teammates, coaches and volunteers

  • To abide by our player, coach and spectator Codes of Conduct.

  • To embrace and foster a strong sense of community

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